In 2010, Leela Communications Pty Ltd created a IT services and consultancy company to address a significant oversight in the IT industry. We understand the services we provide to our customers and communicate to them in a language they appreciate and understand.

Leela Communications IT team consists of passionate, certified and skilled engineers, who keep customer service as their priority. We have grown over the years through client referrals, technological changes in the industry and evolved in to a leading IT service provider. Leela Communications specialise everything in IT and technology industry. We provide reliabel and responsive IT support for SMB's to large enterprise solutions.

Our motto is "Because IT matters", which keeps service as top priority and provides communications which is clear and simple, which in-turn provides healthy and effective solution for any IT service. Leela Communications always works with understanding the customer business needs and provide solutions which is best for present and future business needs. We provide solutions which is reliable and suits the time and budget of the customer.

We look forward hearing from you and help you with your IT projects. Contact us today to get the best service and class of IT partner.